Our Team

Craig Franklin

Founder and Managing Director

Craig founded Intense Software Pty Ltd (now trading as Intense Technology) in 1990 with the objective of providing cost-effective IT solutions for SMBs. Craig’s experience prior to founding Intense was uniquely suited to understanding business objectives and utilising information technology to provide practical solutions for business processes.
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Anthony Leung

Client IT Manager

Anthony joined Intense Technology in 2011 as a Systems Engineer. Anthony has a Bachelor of Information Technology degree, majoring in Data Communications, and over 18 years experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining Intense, Anthony held Desktop Administrator, Telecommunications Administrator and IT Support Analyst roles within national organisations.

Luke Manning

Client IT Manager

Luke joined Intense Technology in 2015 as a System Administrator. Luke graduated from University of NSW in 2013 with a double degree in Science (Genetics) and Engineering (Bioinformatics) Honours. Having demonstrated an exceptional flair for customer support and  and managing complex IT systems as a System Administrator for a range of our clients, Luke was promoted to the Client IT Manager role in 2017.

Robert Bucinskas

Client IT Manager

Robert joined Intense Technology in 2014 as a Systems Engineer and was promoted to the Senior Engineer role in 2015. Robert has over 20 years IT Administration experience including roles with NSW Departments of Industrial Relations and Commerce, and NSW Fair Trading.

Colin Dickson

System Administrator

Colin joined Intense Technology in 2000 as an Onsite Support Technician. Since then, Colin has developed into a System Engineer and is responsible for the day-to-day IT operations for some of our larger clients. Colin has first hand experience of establishing and running a small business.
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Daniel Luong

System Administrator

Daniel joined Intense Technology in 2011 as a Systems Engineer. Daniel has over 21 years experience in the IT industry. Prior to joining Intense, Daniel established his own IT Services and Consulting business, Care4YourIT, and has merged this business into Intense Technology.
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James Li

System Administrator

James joined Intense in 2018 as a Trainee System Adminstrator, having just completed his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) – Mechatronic Engineering. Whilst we were impressed with his tutoring and and mentoring experience and exceptional academic results, it was his Honours thesis that really appealed to our inner geek: "Path finding of swarm autonomous vehicles"!

Kian Southgate

System Administrator

Kian joined Intense in 2020 as a Trainee System Adminstrator, having recently completed his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at the University of Technology Sydney with an impressive grade point average. Whilst studying, Kian worked for Telstra as an Inside Sales and Digital Enhancement Contractor. Thanks to an interest in computer games programming, developed in high school, Kian is also a keen "code cutter".

Cesar Galvez

Accounts and Administration

Cesar joined Intense Technology in 2015. Cesar is responsible for the accounting and administrative functions of the company. Prior to joining Intense, Cesar worked in a number of accounting roles, leveraging the Public Accounting Degree and experience he gained in Peru.