Backup and Recovery

As the saying goes, there are two kinds of organisations; those that have lost valuable data through a system failure, and those that are yet to.

The important thing is to expect and plan for the inevitable, so when it does happen you can easily recover. That's why a reliable backup and recovery solution is essential.

There is a plethora of backup and recovery solutions available today, and we've worked with many of the better known solutions so we know how to select and implement a backup solution that will work for the type of infrastructure you have in place.

If you are still using tape based backup as your primary backup medium then we recommend you consider the various "disk-to-disk" backup and recovery solutions that are available today; they generally offer better performance, can be more cost effective, and are certainly more flexible than the traditional tape based solutions.

Another backup and recovery technology that is gaining traction is utilising the internet to replicate backups to a secure remote location as part of your disaster recovery or business continuity plan. An example of such a solution is our iBackup hosted offsite backup service.

If you don't yet have a backup and recovery solution, or you would like to explore options for improving the one you have, then please contact us.