iBackup - Hosted Offsite Backup

iBackup is an online hosting service for offsite storage of server backups that we've developed for the exclusive use of our clients. It replaces the awkward and insecure process of having to regularly rotate backup tapes or disks to an offsite location.

It is designed to team with Storagecraft’s ShadowProtect backup and recovery software to provide a secure and convenient means of replicating ShadowProtect backup images over the internet to an alternate location to your primary onsite backup repository.

The greatest impediment to replicating backups over the internet is the limited (and expensive) internet bandwidth. For most organisations, the size of their backups far exceeds the internet usage allowance they have. ShadowProtect ImageManager Enterprise utilises the “Continuous Incrementals” feature of ShadowProtect to minimise the volume of data that has to be sent across the internet connection, making online backups a viable proposition.

The backup images are encrypted by ShadowProtect using RC 4 (128 bit) or AES (128 & 256 bit) algorithms using a password of your choice. They are stored on a secure RAID protected iSCSI SAN at the Intense Technology office where they are readily accessible should they be required.

In the event of a disaster impacting your infrastructure and you onsite backups, we can utilise ShadowProtect's hardware independent restore capabilities to have your infrastructure operational again in hours.

If you'd like to learn more about iBackup please contact us.